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You-Dictionary takes in originally developed dictionaries, Collins Advanced U – Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Native Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms and so on. It also provides English videos, games and quizzes to help improve your English.

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U – Dictionary

You-Dictionary is much beyond a simple dictionary! Effortlessly translate texts, pictures, or conversations in 108 languages. It meets all your translation needs, including studying, working and travelling abroad.


Official Oxford Dictionaries:

  • Check Oxford dictionaries in 12 languages, including 7 Indian languages. Learn from a huge number of authoritative word definitions and sample sentences!

Magic Translation:

  • Translate in WhatsApp,Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to track what’s happening on celebrities. Chat without borders and read without barriers.

Text Translation:

  • Translate between any two languages from 108 languages.

Camera Translation:

  • Snap to instantly translate any text around you. Recognises 93 languages.

Quick Translate:

  • Translate in 1 second without opening U-Dictionary.

Word Lock Screen:

  • Show words you choose on Lock Screen. Expand your vocabulary at any time.

Copy to Translate:

  • Copy words or sentences in any app and get meaning instantly. (Notice: Not available in Android 10.0+ due to access restriction.)

My Words:

  • Bookmark important words into different folders. Review from time to time.

Perfect English Pronunciation:

  • Authentic UK (British) and US (American) accent. Listen and learn.

This Dictionary App will help you in the following Translation:

  • In this app you get english to tamil translation along with
    dictionary english to hindi.
  • App has english dictionary and oxford english dictionary
  • This app contains dictionary english to urdu with an online dictionary option.
  • You can also do a dictionary search.
  • Other options include english to bengali dictionary with u dictionary
    App also has english to tamil dictionary with options of collins dictionary
  • You can also perform dictionary english arabic with their word meaning and nerd meaning
  • There is also oxford advanced learner’s dictionary option.
  • There is an option english malayalam dictionary

Download U – Dictionary

  • Also app has hindi dictionary and dictionary english to bangla
  • Find any meaning in urdu with this dictionary app
  • Find gujarati to english translation with urdu dictionary
  • App has option of english to kannada dictionary and telugu to english dictionary
  • Find any hindi to english meaning and perform a english to urdu meaning with this app

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In You dictionary english to telugu meaning translation is also available.
and english to gujarati dictionary option too.