Today first lunar eclipse 26th May 2021

Today first lunar eclipse 26th May 2021 : A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking it out partially or completely. The eclipse results in parts of the earth being covered in the shadow of the moon.

The first lunar eclipse of the current year will take place today, May 26, on the day of Poonam in the month of Vaishakh, which will take place in Scorpio and Anuradha constellations. A partial lunar eclipse will begin at about 3:15 pm and last until 6:15 pm. The moon will look like a supermoon in the sky during the first lunar eclipse of the year in the east. The last lunar eclipse was observed in Kolkata 10 years ago i.e. on 10th December 2011.

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Today first lunar eclipse 26th May 2021

This time during the lunar eclipse, on the evening of May 26, the earth, sun and moon will be in a straight line. According to Vijayanagar Chitriya astrologer Devashankar Bhatt, the first lunar eclipse of the current year will be seen in most parts of East Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North and South America and Australia. While a partial lunar eclipse will not be seen in some parts of India from the air below the eastern horizon, a partial lunar eclipse will be seen in the eastern parts of India. It will also appear at a time when the moon is about to come.

ચંદ્ર ગ્રહણથી આ ચાર રાશિઓ થશે મોટુ નુકશાન

અમારા વોટસ એપ ગ્રુપમા જોડાવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

Before we get into the details of a solar eclipse, it is worth noting that we are in the exact point in history that allows for solar eclipses happen. Millions of years ago, the moon was much closer to the earth and, therefore, appeared large in the sky. Since its formation, the moon has gradually been moving away from Earth. Eventually the moon will be much farther away from Earth and will appear smaller. For this brief time, the moon is just the right distance away so that it appears to be the same size as the sun. It’s this phenomenon that provides us with the beauty of solar eclipses.

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The first lunar eclipse of this year will take place at 7.5 pm. The lunar eclipse will end at 7.23 pm. The first lunar eclipse of the year is going to take place in Scorpio. In such a situation the natives having this zodiac sign should take some precautions during this period. According to religious belief, the moon is damaged and weakened during a lunar eclipse. In the case of lunar eclipses the moon cannot give its full fruit during this period.

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There will be 3 eclipses in May, June, November and December in 2021

According to B. Shastri, the father of Ambika temple in Limbhoi, Eder, Khagras lunar eclipse will take place in Scorpio and Anuradha constellation on Wednesday. Then on Thursday 10th June there will be a circular solar eclipse. This eclipse of Vaishakh Vad Amas will take place in Taurus and Orion constellation, but will not appear in India. A lunar eclipse of Kartak Sud Poonam will take place on Friday, November 19, 2012. This lunar eclipse in Taurus and Kritika will not be seen in India. Then on Saturday, December 6, 2012, there will be a total solar eclipse in the month of Kartak Vad. This eclipse in Scorpio and the eldest constellation will also not be seen in India.

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