Mobile sim can be found sitting at home

Mobile sim can be found sitting at home You can get a mobile SIM at home, you don’t even need a document to get a new one: Modi government has facilitated mobile users. Now the customer can get a mobile SIM sitting at home.

Mobile sim can be found sitting at home

Mobile sim can be found sitting at home

Following the announcement of relief to mobile companies in the telecom sector, the Modi government has now announced a number of facilities for users as well. The Ministry of Communications has announced an order to simplify the rules for getting a new mobile SIM and switching from prepaid to postpaid and from postpaid to prepaid. According to the order issued by the Ministry of Communications, if you want to get a new mobile SIM sitting at home, it may be possible now. All you have to do is fill in the application form on the app or website of the company that wants to get the company’s SIM card.

When filling the form, the applicant has to fill in an alternate number on which the applicant will be verified by sending an OTP. It is also stipulated that every information about the applicant can be verified by the mobile company only with the information obtained through Digilocker or Aadhaar. In case the company seeks information through Aadhaar, the consent of the applicant will be required.

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The applicant will also need to upload a photo and a video of you on your form. After the completion of the process, a non-encrypted SIM will be delivered to the address given to the consumer and after completion of certain procedures, the SIM card will be activated.

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Mobile SIM can be found sitting at home. A big feature is also decided to be given to the consumers who go to the market and get a new mobile SIM card from a shop or showroom of a mobile service company. It will no longer require any documentation. Currently, to get a SIM, one has to provide support or any other document along with the application.