Main Aur Tu Lyrics-Wishlist-Hindi New Song 2020

Main Aur Tu Lyrics

Main Aur Tu Lyrics

Song – Main Aur Tu
Movie – Wishlist
Singers – Mohit Pathak & Rutikka Brahmbhatt
Music Label – Zee Music Company

In Lamahon Me Kho jane De
Dil Ki baaton me Aa bhi jaane De
Dhadkan Ki Raftaron Me
Chup Si Tanhaiyon Me
Behake Se In Raston Me

Khwabon Ki Gheharaiyon Me
Yaadon Ki Parchaiyon Me
Behake Se In Raston Me

Aur Koi Bhi Naa Ho yahan
Bas Main Aur Tu
Aur Koi Bhi Naa Ho yahan
Bas Main Aur Tu

Love Feeds The Soul
Warmth In The Cold
Don’t Know What Tommorrow Holds
Cross Your Heart And Make It Count
Do A Wishlist For You And For Me
For You and For Me

Life Is In The Moments
Live It While You Can
Live It For The Feeling
Not The Length Of It
You haven’t Seen The Heavens
But You Can make You Hell
And only You Decide
What’s You Fill For It

Life Is In Your Lover
Lise Is In Her Smile
Life Is All The Joy She Brings To It
Let’s Live It TO The Fullest
Let’s Live It whil We Can
Coz You got One Life
One & Only whishlist (2)