The possibility of a lockdown in Gujarat at any moment is pushing Gujarat towards a serious health crisis: HC

The possibility of a lockdown in Gujarat at any moment is pushing Gujarat towards a serious health crisis: HC

The state of Gujarat is heading towards a significant health crisis, the supreme court said in its observation while filing Suomoto. The judge of the supreme court , despite being inactive on Sunday, entered Suomoto late within the evening and set it for an emergency hearing at 11 a.m. on Monday.

lockdown in Gujarat

Chief Justice Vikamnath and Justice B.D. Kariya’s bench was headed by Advocate General, Chief prosecutor , Asst.

The lawman has been instructed to attend the urgent hearing. Officers, including the Chief Secretary of the State, the Chief Secretary of the Central Government and therefore the Chief Secretary of the State Health Department, the Secretary of the house Department of the Central Government, are directed to send a replica of the order by email immediately.

because the Corona case escalated within the state, the judge of the supreme court took up the matter five days ago and summoned the Advocate General and therefore the Chief prosecutor of the supreme court and directed that a three- to four-day curfew or lockdown be imposed by the govt to bring things in check . the govt imposes a weekend lockdown or curfew.

Evaluate things after this. The supreme court has also said that this may be implemented altogether the offices located within the supreme court . “Understand the seriousness of things and take steps to bring it in check , otherwise things will spiral out of control,” the supreme court said.

Observations of the Bench of the judge

Unfortunately, incredible difficulties have arisen within the state. The infrastructural system operating the corona has collapsed.

The state is facing shortage of testing, shortage of beds, shortage of ICU, oxygen, and remedivirus injections.

Which implies a health emergency within the state. during this case the court has got to intervene.

Currently, things within the state is out of control. The hearing will continue within the emergency phase albeit the supreme court in Teva is closed.
Urgent hearing despite court closure till 19th

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The Gujarat supreme court has been kept closed till the 17th as Corona’s condition got out of control. However, a bench of the judge has put aside a hearing in Urgent tomorrow morning as Corona’s transition within the state is on the increase.

The possibility of a lockdown in Gujarat at any moment

The Gujarat supreme court took serious note of Koro’s transition, citing the emergence of a health emergency in Gujarat. The supreme court is probably going to order the government to stop the transmission of corona and supply health facilities.