Kumon Learning Program: Kid’s After-School Math & Reading Programs

Kumon learning Program: What is Kumon? How is it different from regular tuition classes? What are the benefits? Get answers to all of the above in this article.

Kumon Learning Program: Kid's After-School Math & Reading Programs

Ever wondered what Kumon is and whether it’s effective or not? You most certainly would have heard a parent in your circles remark about the benefits of Kumon class and how it’s really made a difference.

What sets Kumon apart from other learning programs?

Kumon goes far beyond tutoring

  • Kumon is a structured, proven self-learning program that gives your child the critical thinking skills and mindset to learn new materials independently.
  • The key to Kumon Programs is individualized instruction, carefully planned by an instructor and practiced daily at home or in the Center.

Your child progresses at his or her own pace

  • Regardless of academic level, your child will progress through the individualized instruction at his or her own pace advancing step by logical step in just 30 minutes per day, per subject.

Kumon delivers results in school and beyond.

  • Kumon’s disciplined, worksheet approach to learning advances your child’s abilities in the classroom and throughout life.
  • In fact, many Kumon students are studying above grade level … and it all begins with practice.

Kumon can give your child a lifetime of advantages.

The Kumon Math and Reading Program is designed to advance your child’s comprehension and appreciation for learning — providing an edge throughout school. But the lifelong benefits can open a world of possibilities.


  • The fundamentals instilled by Kumon over time lead to accelerated learning throughout life.
  • Kumon parents find their children performing above grade level, which increases educational opportunities and can open up a new world of advanced and gifted schooling.


  • Kumon knows book learning is a pillar of student success – but other factors can boost academic skills to new levels.
  • By instilling critical thinking skills, our self-learning program frees students from many of the typical restrictions and limitations of education.


  • Self-confidence in a student is priceless — and the earlier it begins, the stronger it can grow.
  • The Kumon Math and Reading Program was created to build this important strength, with each progressive lesson.
  • Kumon shows children how to conquer challenge after challenge; that’s the key to starting on the path to achievement.
  • Through practicing math and reading and achieving new successes every day, children learn, flourish and build self-esteem. Practice makes possibilities.

How it works

Do you still want to choose Kumon? Head to your closest Kumon center. The instructor recommends a parent orientation and will give your child a diagnostic test. This test is to determine which level your child qualifies for – some are advanced for their age, and others aren’t. The test identifies the child’s current ability and accordingly, the entry-level is decided.