Important decision made by Gujarat Government: Now don’t give any money for affidavit!

Important decision made by Gujarat Government: The good governance of the state government under the leadership of Bhupendra Patel has recently completed 200 days. Then the state government has made one more decision for the government services available to the citizens. In which from now on it will not be necessary to take affidavit for the benefit of government scheme.

Important decision made by Gujarat Government

  • Affidavit required for State Government schemes
  • Statement given by Revenue Minister in Vadodara
  • Instruct the Collector to take action in this matter also

Combined with sincerity and decisiveness, this public service journey of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel has become a successful journey of service to the people of the state with revolutionary decisions, achievements and innovative initiatives. Citizens have been appealed by the government.

Affidavits are no longer required for government schemes
State Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi, in an important announcement, said that an affidavit is no longer required for the Gujarat government’s scheme, any work related to the scheme can be done through self-declaration. At the same time, he said, no more money for affidavits.

Notice given to collectors across the state

At the same time, Revenue Minister Rajendra Trivedi said that collectors across the state have been instructed to take action in the next 15 days and this facility will be implemented for the citizens on the day of reckoning.

The money had to be paid first

Earlier, one had to pay Rs 300-500 outside the office on the pretext of affidavit for the operation of any government scheme, which would not have to be paid after such a decision of the government.