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Fast charger: Fast Charging is an ultimate tool, which can boost your battery charging speed by 21-40%. This app will automatically activate when you connect your charger and it will boost your charging speed.
How Fast Battery Charger works.

When you connect your charger, Fast Charging will detect it and limit the power consumption of your phone/tablet. Then your battery doesn’t withdraw much power during the charging time and therefore it can charge very quickly. According to our tests, this will reduce your charging time by 21%-40% (depends on the device)

How to use Fast Battery Charger

  • Launch the app and turn on the fast charge mode.
  • It will automatically boost your charging speed when you connect the charger next time.
  • Faster Charging Up to 15-30% faster than other apps.
  • Fast Charging Features
  • Nice and User-friendly UI.
  • Shows the battery capacity in the app.
  • Automatically activates fast charging mode.
  • Automatically turn off WiFi, 3G.
  • Automatically turn off Bluetooth
  • Fast charging is free app.

The charging function of the mobile phone is automatically optimized in the following ways:

  • Try to stop the work of your own background thread when charging.
  • Reduce the screen brightness, reduce power consumption to save battery power.
  • Notify users to deal with abnormal power consumption increase in a short time.
  • Optimize WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and other system settings to reduce mobile phone consumption.
  • Real-time monitoring of mobile phone temperature, remind users to unplug the charger to prevent overheating
  • Accurately predict the remaining charging time and reset fully charged.

The fact shows that: When you are charging battery of your devices, plenty of background applications and services are still running; sometimes Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/5G, Bluetooth, NFC and many other connections are still available.

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This is the main causes resulted that your phone/tablet still consume a large amount of energy which leads to the consequence you have to spend much longer for battery charging.
To have quick charge, there is only one method: Kill background, turn off all background services and applications, turn off all unnecessary connections to optimize your device. All these things will help your phone charge battery faster.

However, all the ways above is too complicated and hard to do quickly. Don’t worry, with Fast charger battery (fast charging 2018), all those stuffs will be done automatically.