Diwali News: Central government reduces excise duty on petrol by Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 10

Diwali News: The skyrocketing price of petrol and diesel has brought great relief to the common man. A day before Diwali, the central government has decided to give a big relief in the price of petrol and diesel. The government has announced a reduction in excise duty on petrol by Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 10. The new price will be applicable from Diwali i.e. tomorrow. The price of petrol and diesel is at an all-time high.

Diwali News

Today, on the day of the black fourteenth, people are relieved. On the third day of the week, there was no increase in petrol and diesel prices. Diesel has crossed Rs 110 in many cities and petrol has reached Rs 121. In Delhi, petrol has crossed Rs 110 per liter. So diesel is being sold at Rs 98.42 per liter. When petrol-diesel prices were last reduced on September 5, petrol-diesel became 15 paise cheaper in many cities of the country.

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Petrol-Diesel Price

Petrol price has gone up by Rs 8.85 in 28 days

Diwali News: While petrol became expensive by 20 paise on September 28, diesel also went up by 25 paise per liter. Petrol prices, which started rising in the last days of September, remained unchanged till Tuesday. If you look at the price of petrol, it has gone up to Rs 8.85 per liter in 28 days. The price of petrol-diesel has reached record levels in the country as the price of crude oil has risen internationally.

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The Center appealed to the state to reduce VAT

According to sources, after the reduction in excise duty, the central government has appealed to the states to reduce VAT on petrol-diesel, so as to relieve the people from inflation. Different state governments levy VAT ranging from 20 to 35%. According to the central government, the reduction in excise duty on diesel will benefit farmers the most, as winter crops will now be harvested. The biggest beneficiaries of this reduction will be the farmers.