3D My Name Live Wallpaper

3D My Name Live Wallpaper is free and customizable and this app can be used as an live wallpaper on both home and lock screens. You can choose different kinds of letters drawn in a different and original way with a spectacular and incredible effect on-screen. This animated wallpaper is compatible with any device or mobile phone

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3D My Name Live Wallpaper

3D My Name Live Wallpaper With this great application you can set your name, important notes, your favorite team’s name, reminders or any other message you want to have displayed on your screen and with a very low consumption of resources and very low battery use.

How to use (Instructions for use)

  • Change the text, name or names to be displayed by clicking on the top of the main screen (using the pencil icon at top) or in the preferences menu selecting “Edit the text to be displayed”.
  • Choose the preferred type of font quickly and easily by double clicking on the main screen or on the preferences menu in the “Select font” option.
  • You can select the live wallpaper from the preferences menu, having it displayed either on the home screen or both the home screen and the lock screen.

You can customize the application even more through the preferences menu

  • Select the Font.
  • Edit your name, text or the message to be displayed.
  • You can save screen content in video format and add voice or sound messages. You can share the videos with anyone you want using applications like WhatsApp.
  • Modify the 3D effect speed
  • Select the LWP

This is an amazing app to set the name as live wallpaper
It is an animated wallpaper which is touchable and movable it gives you wonderful
It makes the screen very beautiful.
you can write your name to display text on sphere and cube.

3D My Name Live Wallpaper App Features

  • Display your favorites names on screen.
  • You can add multiple texts on the cube.
  • You can make the text beautiful with colors, gradients, multi colors, font and font size.
  • Make the text in bold or normal.
  • You can make the cube transparent..
  • Change the size of the cube using the seek bar.
  • Change the speed of the cube using the seek bar.
  • Touch on cube to bounce.
  • You can also on/off the touch of the cube
  • Here we have two beautiful shapes sphere, and cube for adding the text to be displayed.
  • All the changes can be made by seeing the preview
  • select the set wallpaper button to set the wallpaper and make the screen more beautiful

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It is completely free with very low battery use and is compatible almost in all devices,
and it is fully customizable app and very easy to use.

Download 3D My Name App

Its an best and awesome 3d cube and 3D sphere Live Wallpaper.

Enjoy seeing your 3D name in home screen with this “3D My Name Live Wallpaper app”.

Enjoy using this app and share them to your friends and family.